Maximize Your Metabolism: Lifelong Solutions to Lose Weight, Restore Energy, and Prevent Disease .

A revolutionary, sustainable and scientific approach to help you lose weight, regain energy, clear your mind, and prevent disease. Like our fingerprints, each of us has a unique metabolism. Your metabolism will change as you move through life, shaping your mental and physical capabilities. However, one in four of us will experience trouble with our metabolism. Dr. Noel Maclaren, an award-winning endocrinologist and Sunita Singh Maclaren, a medical anthropology expert, share their revolutionary new approach to mastering your metabolism that combines medical and behavioral insights in order to help balance your weight, boost your energy and improve your cognitive abilities.Imagine the metabolism as a beguiling jigsaw. We all fit into one of four metabolic personality types, based on our bodies levels of sensitivity to insulin. Maximize Your Metabolismoffers a comprehensive self-assessment quiz to uncover yours. Drawing on pioneering data from a persons genetic legacies, appetite signals and mental resilience, this book will enable you to create a unique plan specific to your needs, and will help you achieve robust brain and body health, including:- Enhancing your cognitive abilities by limiting grains and fruits as the brains ability to absorb glucose declines from your late 40s onwards- Optimizing your weight by identifying the simple vs. complex carbohydrates that work for your metabolic type- Overcoming insulin-related persistent fatigue and increasing your muscles energy efficiency through resistance and aerobic exercise- Protecting yourself from disease-causing internal inflammation by opting for prebiotics found in artichokes, leeks and onions and avoiding certain "health" foodsDr. Noel Maclaren and Sunita Singh Maclaren have helped thousands of patients in their clinic for over fifteen years, by reversing these metabolic imbalances. Filled with specific time-tested guidance and over 30 healthy and delicious recipes, Maximize Your Metabolism is perfect for anyone who wants to be a champion of their own health, gainan overall sense of wellbeing in as little as six months, and to sustain it for a lifetime.

Authors: Noel Maclaren MD, Sunita Singh Maclaren, Maclaren MD, Noel, Maclaren, Sunita Singh

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/15/2021 5:12:48 AM

Format: epub




Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1538718820


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