A History Lover’s Guide to Houston .

Houston earned its international reputation as a hub for space flight and the oil industry. But visitors don't need to search out the secrets of the stars or the depths of the earth to experience the impressive legacy of the nation's fourth-largest city. Traverse the streets of downtown and find historic treasures from antebellum Texas. Venture to the outskirts to find the world's "Eighth Wonder," as well as the globe's tallest stone monument and one of its largest ports. Discover why the town's exceptional heritage of innovation, industry and architecture has sparked a movement to uncover and embrace its historic structures. Join Tristan Smith for an in-depth exploration of Houston's historic wards.

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Authors: Tristan Smith

Date: 2020

Upload Date: 7/13/2020 5:11:22 AM

Format: EPUB

Pages: 1



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1467144665


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