Battle of Okinawa, in a Fly .

Today Okinawa is a quaint little island that houses the most number of centenarians in the world that shows the world how to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. But its serene faade has quite a few scars hidden beneath. Not long ago was Okinawa the venue for the most bloodiest and grotesque battle, killing half of its population in just a few weeks time not to mention the harrowing tales of Japanese women being mass raped, government brainwashing its own citizens to commit mass suicides by jumping off cliffs, or the drafting of school children to fight against the US armed forces.
A battle in which captains of both sides died in harness not living to see the climax of a war they commanded. True, japan lost the war but not without leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of its enemy.
How does a small island country defend its islands against the superior US fleet that are no less an indomitable enemy? When America launches its three-pronged amphibious attack constituting its air-naval-land troops, Japan comes up with unbelievable war-tactic that was extremely intelligent but also equally gruesome. What is kamikaze attack, the Japanese war tactic that let them decimate large platoons of American forces in spite of being severely out-numbered?
Reading this world war book, 'Battle of Okinawa, in a Fly', can be an emotional roller-coaster ride, through the troughs and crests of both sides driven by an unbridled passion to win America that is ambitiously fighting to put an end to growing Japanese influence and Japan fervently defending its country's sovereignty. There are moments when a reader gets goose-bumps as the weighs of winning sways violently on either side, time and again.

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Authors: Edgar Wollstone

Date: 2020

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