Beyond Genesis: Man’s True Origin Revealed .

The intense debate over the origin of Man continues to affect us all to this day. People of faith have had their traditional views of this subject challenged by the scientific discoveries of the last two hundred years. Even with rise of irrefutable evidences of such subjects such as the age of the world, the faithful refuse to consider the possibility that if everything told in the Holy Bible is true, the failure of their interpretation of the Bible is indeed the problem at hand. An engaging look at the debate over the origin of life begins as E & E Publishing Co. releases Beyond Genesis: Man's True Origin Revealed, a new book authored by Allen Epling.

Beyond Genesis is a comprehensive study that explores all the mysteries of Genesis and attempts to explain them in a way that will not insult the informed unbeliever who wants to believe, yet not offend the believer. It explores how the Bible can be believed and still be compatible with our knowledge of science and history. Readers will find many ideas that go against popular belief in both the religious and the scientific communities. You will find that these ideas are logical and by accepting them, all the mysteries of Genesis suddenly become clear. You will also find that most of the confusion about Genesis and its myths was caused by the mistranslation of only one word, a word that in the Hebrew language had a double meaning. True to its purpose, this book offers the public reasons to believe that the accounts in Genesis are true, and some reasonable explanations for some in the more mysterious gaps in our history that may have a religious connection.This book is an attempt to clarify what actually happened in the Garden of Eden and why it should be considered the true origin and beginning of modern man

About the Author
The author, Allen Epling, is a former public school teacher of physics and a school supervisor and administrator for 21 years. His hobbies are amateur radio and astronomy. Mr. Epling has written several graduate research papers, numerous newspaper articles, and 3 published physics papers. His passion is reading the latest science journals. His formal education consists of an MA degree in mathematics and secondary education + 32 hours of post-graduate work. His interest in history and the bible go back to his undergraduate days when his formal science education began to conflict with his religious beliefs.

Authors: Beyond Genesis: Man’s True Origin Revealed

Date: 2017

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