Blitzkrieg as a technology of WWII: Advantages and disadvantages: The best technologies of world wars .

This publication discusses the features of the Blitzkrieg tactics that Germany used during the Second World War. You will be interested to learn about the pros and cons of military operations of this kind and the dangers that they are fraught with.

In the book we analyze the following aspects:

What is the advantage of Blitzkrieg?
What is the disadvantage of Blitzkrieg?
What is the difference between the Blitzkriegs on the western and eastern front?
How territory affects the conduct of a quick war?
Features of the war with the Soviet Union.

We also raised some more tactical nuances of the winter tank breakthrough. This book will be interesting to people who are interested in the history of World War II and tank battles.


Blitzkrieg as a technology of war
Blitzkrieg bet
Blitzkrieg: rewards and dangers

Authors: John B. Carpenter

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/30/2021 4:05:04 PM

Format: epub

Pages: 44



Language: English



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