Fusion Foodways of Africa’s Gold Coast in the Atlantic Era (Atlantic World) .

As most people in Atlantic-era West Africa as in contemporary Europe and the Americas were farmers, fields and gardens were the primary terrain where they engaged the opportunities and challenges of nascent globalization. Agricultural changes and culinary cross-currents from the Gold Coast indicate that Africans engaged the Atlantic world not with passivity but as full partners with others on continents whose histories have enjoyed longer, and greater, scholarly attention. The most important seeds of change are not to be found in the DNA of crops and critters carried across the seas but instead in the creativity and innovation of the people who engaged the challenges and opportunities of the Atlantic World."

Authors: James D La Fleur

Date: 2012-08-03

Upload Date: 4/27/2017 4:34:59 PM

Format: PDF

Pages: 214



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 9004224122

ISBN13: 9789004224124

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