Goebbels: Nazi Master of Illusion .

What does it take to control the minds of millions of peopleand influence their thoughts and actions into complete devastation? After years of historical research, Dr. Daniela Ozacky Sterna third generation survivorreveals her discoveries in Goebbels: Nazi Master of Illusion.
During the fateful final year of World War II, Nazi Germany suffered severe military defeats and massive bombings by the Allies on the home frontturning cities into ruins. Relations among Nazi leadership deteriorated, and rifts appeared within the inner circle of Adolf Hitler.
Although the situation was catastrophic for Germany, the mass extermination of the JewsHitlers "Final Solution never halted. In fact, it heavily accelerated, breaking into new territories.
One of the people closest to Hitlerwho directly influenced the eventswas Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda. He preached to Germans over and over to continue fightingin a struggle already lost.
What was Goebbels tactic in controlling the Germans minds and influencing The Fhrer Hitler? How did the propaganda machinehe createdcontrol millions of people and alter their fates?
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Date: 2021

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