Popular Modernism and Its Legacies: From Pop Literature to Video Games .

Popular Modernism and Its Legacies reconfigures modernist studies to investigate how modernist concepts, figures, and aesthetics continue to play essential though often undetected roles across an array of contemporary works, genres, and mediums.

Featuring both established and emerging scholars, each of the book's three sections offers a distinct perspective on popular modernism. The first section considers popular modernism in periods historically associated with the movement, discovering hidden connections between traditional forms of modernist literature and popular culture. The second section traces modernist genealogies from the past to the contemporary era, ultimately revealing that immensely popular contemporary works, artists, and genres continue to engage and thereby renew modernist aesthetics and values. The final section moves into the 21st century, discovering how popular works invoke modernist techniques, texts, and artists to explore social and existential quandaries in the contemporary world.

Concluding with an afterword from noted scholar Faye Hammill,
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Authors: Scott Ortolano

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 12/8/2022 2:04:50 AM

Format: pdf

Pages: 296



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1501325116


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