Russian Revolution: A History From Beginning to End [Russian] .

Russian Revolution The Russian Revolution in 1917 was a moment in time when the will of the people put an end to a system of government that had been in place for centuries. The story of Russias transition from Imperial reign to eventual Communist dictatorship is a tale rooted in the ranks of the common people and the men who rose to lead them.

Inside you will read about- Czarist Rule
– Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
– Nicholas Romanov
– Rasputin
– World War
– Lenin
– October Revolution
– Stalin
And much more!

Dedication to the ideals of socialism remade Russian society. Workers Rights, human equality, world war, murder, mysticism, blood and tyranny collide in the heart of Russia to irrevocably alter the culture of this great nation and the world.

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Authors: Henry Freeman

Date: 2016

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Language: Russian

ISBN / ASIN: 1532871856


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