The Art of Business Wars: Battle

Based on the chart-topping Business Wars podcast, stories and lessons from historys greatest business rivalries. Using Chinese military genius Sun Tzus strategies as a guide, Brown examines why some companies triumph while others crumble.

Business is a fight for survival. In business as in war, leaders match their wills in pursuit of opposing outcomes, they devise strategies, and marshal resources for victory. Success can turn on the smallest of details a single tactical blunder can topple an empire. Ultimately, one side triumphsand victory is all that matters.
David Brown, host of the hit podcast Business Wars, masterfully frames some of the biggest business rivalries in history using revered Chinese military strategist Sun Tzus insights and pragmatic advice. Each rivalry he examines tells a story of combined wits, strategies, and resources. Brown chronicles the rise of companies as they vanquish rivals, formulate innovative plans, and adapt to keep up with shifting societal needs. The goal? Stay ahead of the competition and emerge victorious as an industry titan.
By compiling powerful insights uncovered over hundreds of episodes and more than a year of in-depth research, Brown has developed a formula for business intrigue that uses popular history as a hook to lure readers in. The stories in The Art of Business Wars are fascinating, but the lessons we draw from themabout determination, ingenuity, patience, grit, subtlety, and other traits that contribute to a victorious enterpriseare invaluable, whether you're a software-slinging freelancer or the CEO of a multinational manufacturer.

Authors: David Brown

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/15/2021 9:23:08 AM

Format: epub




Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0063019523


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