The Progressive Era: A History From Beginning to End .

Progressive EraThe Progressive Era was the period of American history between the 1890s and 1920s. It was movement dedicated to political and social reform largely driven by the middle class. In a world that was dominated by wealthy industrialists and threatened by radical ideas of laborers, the middle class strived for order.

Inside you will read about Stirred to Action
Womens Suffrage
Temperance and Anti-Alcohol Campaigns
The Dark Side of Progressivism: Forced Sterilizations and Eugenics
The African-American Experience
Progressive Presidents and the Start of WWI
And much more!

Women played a prominent role in the movement. Their main objective was gaining the right to vote, but they also worked tirelessly on temperance, urban reform, and other social reforms. Women gained a strong influence even before they achieved suffrage.Progressivism was dominated by optimism for the future and the ability of civilization to find solutions to age-old problems. Those in the movement had an overriding faith particularly in Western civilization and its apparent greatness. The end of the era embodied a severe questioning of that faith. Ultimately, the Progressive Era left a legacy of hope, but also a warning against hubris.

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