TRUE WORLD HISTORY: Humanity’s Saga .

History is written by the victors to control the billions of people on Planet Earth. Guns, weapons, and armies are not enough. The victors intend to control your MIND. FREE YOUR SELF. It is time YOU know the TRUE HISTORY of such hotly debated topics as: Atlantis & Lemuria Nibiru Sumer Egypt Lost Tribes of Israel Ark of the Covenant Mary Magdalene Jesus/Jmannuel Maya Inca Kuiper Belt Templars Papacy Antarctica 4th Reich Book of Revelation Extraterrestrials & Aliens Interdimensional Existences & MUCH, MUCH MORE…Stewart holds NOTHING back! Stewart A. Swerdlow is a profound Walking Encyclopedia on a mission to give you TRUTH and PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT through KNOWLEDGE because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Be prepared to change your view not only of history, but of your Self who you are, where you came from, why you are here…at long last KNOW the TRUTH for YOUR SELF.
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Date: 2021

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