Public Administration: An Introduction Ed 3 .

Marc Holzer and Richard W. Schwester have written a textbook that is distinct from the dozens of introductory public administration books now in the academic marketplace. Their vision is a unique blend of substance and stylea text that is both informative and enlivening, capturing the evolving nature of the field. The book explores the traditional, essential elements of public administration such as organizational theory, human resource management, leadership, program evaluation and policy analysis, budgeting, and the politics of public administration. Artwork depicts bureaucratic issues, reinforcing each chapters themes and creating an informative and aesthetically engaging textbook, while charts, graphs, diagrams, and illustrations add dimensions to the texts overviews of public administration.
New to this edition are three sections that provide a natural flow and progression of the material. Section I provides the theoretical construct of public administration, section II provides actionable material for public administrators, while section III deals with the future of public organizations through the lens of performance improvement and the techniques available to achieve such improvement. Each chapter is complemented by key terms and supplementary readings, and video cases and simulations offer a gateway to engaging students, encouraging them to immerse themselves in virtual problem-solving experiencestesting theory and skills through real-time practical applications. Students will deal with issues related to unemployment, budgeting, the environment, crime and education.
The book is accompanied by a comprehensive online Instructors' Manual, complete with PowerPoint slides for each chapter, case studies, relevant YouTube videos to illustrate chapter content, additional artwork, webinars, and relevant films and tv shows to better engage students in important themes of public service. This text, then, is very much a dynamic learning system designed to enliven the teaching of public administration, improve the learning experience, and help motivate students of public service to become problem-solving public servants.

Authors: Marc Holzer

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/29/2021 7:41:23 AM

Format: pdf

Pages: 452



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1138579661


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