Billionaire Growth Strategies: An Insider Look at Using Acquisitions to Grow Your Business Empire Faster .

Is growth via acquisitions the right strategy for you?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners simply bypass acquisitions because they don't understand what's involved in implementing and winning with this fast growth strategy. Nor do they understand what pitfalls may confront them if they attempt to use it.

This insider look at adopting small-scale M&A, written by a veteran M&A intermediary, addresses the problem by providing an honest look at the types of people who should use acquisitions, the challenges of starting down this path, as well as the new challenges that will rise up.

Peter is the author who created the popular entrepreneurial M&A course called The Tycoon Playbook.

Authors: Peter Ireland

Date: 2018

Upload Date: 11/18/2020 3:37:59 PM

Format: EPUB

Pages: 1



Language: English



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