Equipped to Lead: Managing People, Partners, Processes, and Performance .

Unless you manage a hook-and-ladder company, your workday shouldn't be spent putting out fires. Yet leaders often spend most of their time running from crisis to crisis.
In his groundbreaking New York Times bestseller Built to Serve, United Supermarkets CEO Dan Sanders showed how putting profi ts before people encourages organizational chaos, saps motivation, stifles innovation, and undercuts competitiveness. He also unveiled a revolutionary peoplecentered business model championed by United and challenged other business leaders to put the human factor first.

In this follow-up to that inspirational bestseller, Dan and coauthor Galen Walters provide the tools needed to put the people-first model to work in your company. Youll master the 4Ps critical to long-term success: People, Process, Partners, and Performance. And you will create an organization that puts front-line people before bottom-line profits, allowing you and your organization to profit more than you ever thought possible.

Equipped to Lead gives you tools to create an organization where

* ROIH (return on investment in humanity) drives the bottom line
* The Employee Satisfaction Ratio is a key component of every P&L statement
* Workplace chaos is transformed into a creative corporate culture
* Employees are equipped for higher levels of success

Whether you lead a sprawling international conglomerate or a staff of thirty, using the proven tools and techniques in Equipped to Lead will help you and your organization realize maximum potentialin your people, in your performance, and in your profits.

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Authors: Sanders, Galen Walters

Date: 2008-07-07

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Pages: 224



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0071591001


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