It’s All Politics: Winning in a World Where Hard Work and Talent Aren’t Enough .

As management professor and consultant Kathleen Reardon explains in her new book, It's All Politics, talent and hard work alone will not get you to the top. What separates the winners from the losers in corporate life is politics.
As Reardon explains, the most talented and accomplished employees often take a backseat to their politically adept coworkers, losing ground in the race to get aheadsometimes even losing their jobs. Why? Because theyve failed to manage the important relationships with the people who can best reward their creativity and intelligence. To determine whether you need a crash course in Office Politics 101, ask yourself the following questions:
Do I get credit for my ideas?
Do I know how to deal with a difficult colleague?
Do I get the plum assignments?
Do I have a mentor?
Do I say no gracefully and pick my battles wisely?
Am I in the loop?
Reardon has interviewed hundreds of employees, from successful veterans to aspiring hopefuls, examining why some people who work hard and effectively at their jobs fall behind, while those who are adept at reading the office tea leaves forge ahead. Being politically savvy doesnt mean being unethical or devious. At heart, its about listening to and relating to others, and making choices that advance everyones goals. Like it or not, when it comes to work, its all politics. And politics is all about knowing what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to.

Authors: Kathleen Kelly Reardon Ph.D.

Date: 2006

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Format: EPUB

Pages: 1



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0385507585


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