Lean Sigma Mastery: 5 Books in 1: Lean Six Sigma, Lean Analytics, Agile, Lean Enterprise, Kanban (Lean Enterprises) .

Business is changing. Will you adapt, or be left behind?
Do you find that, despite your best attempts, any time you try to better your project management, you struggle? Perhaps you find that youre always drowning in waste without finding out where it is coming from? Maybe your current systems are inefficient, and without immediate and direct action theres going to be repercussions?
Whatever the underlying cause is, maybe youve wondered whether theres a better methodology of approach to it?If this sounds like you, then keep reading!
Lean Six Sigma: A Simplified Beginners Guide to Lean Six Sigma

Youll learn:
-The best way to understand the basic principles and key aspects of Lean Six Sigma.
-How to build on the lessons learned by other leaders, to best shape your path.
-Common mistakes made by Lean Six Sigma beginners, and how to navigate or even altogether avoid them.

Lean Analytics: How to Use Data to Accelerate Your Business

Youll find:
-How to follow the Lean Cycle and why it works.
-The best way to pinpoint the metric that needs work now.
-Typical issues that can doom your team, and how to conquer them.

Agile: Learn Agile Project Management

Youll discover:
-Practical ways that you can introduce Agile and Scrum into your business practices.
-What Productive Sprint Planning sessions are, and the exact system you can use to achieve success with them.
-Tips and tricks to smoothly get your product out and in production.

Lean Enterprise: Building a Lean Business Using the 5s Methodologies
A sneak peek:
-How to tie all the principles together in a cycle of lean enterprise.
-Must-know methodology, concepts, and tools for streamlining your business.
-Best ways to recognize trends and pay attention to business forecasts.

Kanban: Strategies and Formulas in Kanban Methodology
Youll find:
-The concept of environment and teamwork in Kanban, and why it matters.
-The requirements needed to implement Kanban effectively, without significant investment.
-The need for adopting an Agile mindset, and why this is crucial in Kanban.

And so much more!
Dont delay!
If youre ready to start Revolutionizing your business practices without having to turn your world upside down, then you need a nudge in the right direction. These methodologies can be the nudge youre looking for!Scroll up and click that "BUY NOW" button to get started!

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Date: 2019

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