Selling The Intangible: Turn Your Knowledge into Income. Generate Predictable Profits. Build a Wildly Successful Digital Product Business. .

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Youve put your heart and soul into creating a product only to have it completely bomb.
Or maybe youve seen that happen to your friends or peers in the online space, and youre dead scared thats going to be you because you have no clue what youre doing.

Youre grateful to be able to serve clients one-on-one, but youre exhausted! The idea of creating a digital product to add passive income to your revenue streams sounds oh-so-good!
Maybe you have an idea for a digital product but getting it out there seems like this enormously daunting task with a gazillion steps, and you dont want to shell out thousands for anther course or coach.
Or perhaps youre void of ideas, but youre just itching to try digital products.

Nodding yes?

Digital products are an overwhelming, exhausting affair especially when you don't know what to focus on.
No matter what type of digital product youre creating (and yes there are a few!), there are some core components you need to focus on if you want to create successful digital products and have them as a staple in your business model.

This isnt just about knowing what tools to use or what platform to sell your product on (you should never start there!)

You need a coherent, holistic strategy to be successful at it in the long run.

Selling the Intangible will introduce you to these core components in the form of bite-sized strategies and pro tips so that you have a plan for success before you even start.

Think of it as your digital product road map.
Heres whats packed intothis how-to guide:

How to create perpetual customer journeys so that your audience keep coming back to buy more

How to know which digital products to create and when so youre NEVER backtracking

The truth about winning offers and the secret hack to ensure your product sells

Answers to the following questions:

– How soon is too soon to add a product?
– Should you sell on an external marketplace like Amazon, Udemy, or Coursera vs. on your own site?
– Do you need webinars for all your funnels?


Imagine knowing the exact steps you need to take to get your product created, launched, and selling successfully

Imagine cultivating an audience who are clamoring to get their hands on your next thing

Imagine never having to chase the next sale
If you're thinking about creating a digital product or you've felt burned-out and overwhelmed from creating digital products before, this book will be right up your alley.

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Authors: Kothand, Meera

Date: 2019

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