Krishna’s TB Mathematical Methods , Edition

SYLLABUS- MATHEMATICAL METHODS, Integral Transforms: Definition, Kernel.
Laplace Transforms: Definition, Existence theorem, Linearity property, Laplace
transforms of elementary functions, Heaviside Step and Dirac Delta Functions, First Shifting
Theorem, Second Shifting Theorem, Initial-Value Theorem, Final-Value Theorem, The
Laplace Transform of derivatives, integrals and Periodic functions.
Inverse Laplace Transforms: Inverse Laplace transforms of simple functions, Inverse
Laplace transforms using partial fractions, Convolution, Solutions of differential and
integro-differential equations using Laplace transforms. Dirichlet’s condition.
Fourier Transforms: Fourier Complex Transforms, Fourier sine and cosine transforms,
Properties of FourierTransforms, Inverse Fourier transforms.

Authors: A.R Vasishtha

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/30/2021 9:56:16 AM

Format: pdf

Pages: 159



Language: English



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