Rounding and Significant Figures (Drill Questions) .

Significant figures , decimal places ?
This book contains 3,000 rounding drill questions to help perfect rounding skills.
Ideal for all students, it is particularly useful as a home learning resource.


-Round to the nearest 10
-Round to the nearest 100
-Round to the nearest 1000
-Round to the nearest 10,000
-Round to the nearest 100,000
-Round to the nearest unit
-Round to 1 decimal place
-Round to 2 decimal places
-Round to 3 decimal places
-Round to 4 decimal places
-Round to 1 significant figure
-Round to 2 significant figures
-Round to 3 significant figures
-Calculate the answer, then round to 2 significant figures

Answers sheets are included

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Authors: Forrest, Alexander

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 5:22:02 AM

Format: pdf




Language: English



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