Growth, Physical Activity, and Motor Development in Prepubertal Children .

The tender period between childhood and adolescence is full of changes for young children. They are approaching the onset of sexual maturation, and because they are beginning their school careers, the possibilities for voluntary play and movement rapidly decrease while mental stress rapidly increases. It is very important that young children have a basic knowledge about correct running, jumping, throwing, and swimming as well as knowledge of how to play different sports and games. However, there are no criteria for acceptable levels of motor skills or how to correctly measure those motor skills.

Focusing on a traditionally less studied age group, Growth, Physical Activity, and Motor Development in Prepubertal Children presents concentrated and selected information about the relationships among health and anthropometry, physical activity, motor ability, and motor development in children between the ages of eight and twelve. Extensively referenced, this book features the results of comprehensive studies of development during the prepubertal years as they relate to environmental conditions. It devotes special attention to body composition and health-related physical fitness.

The book discusses recommended testing methods, including their validity, objectivity, and reliability. The health of children depends on their levels of physical activity, their motor abilities, and their motor skills. With the tools and guidelines provided in Growth, Physical Activity, and Motor Development in Prepubertal Children, you will be able to easily evaluate physical activity, then confidently guide children toward optimum growth and development.

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Authors: Toivo Jurimae and Jaak Jurimae

Date: 2001-05-30

Upload Date: 9/29/2019 5:40:22 AM

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Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0367397307


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