Pathophysiologic Basis of Acid

The book is a concise and informative text about acid-base disorders. The book begins with very simple mathematics, chemistry, and physiological concepts and smoothly connects these to various aspects of acid-base disturbances and blood gas disorders through many simple-to-understand case-based examples. It covers various important topics such as respiratory acidosis and alkalosis, metabolic acidosis and alkalosis, mixed disorders, arterial blood gas, etc. All chapters end with a simple take-home summary facilitating better understanding and recall value. This book showcases practical text important at all levels of medical education, right from a basic science student to an attending physician/surgeon. Students, interns, residents, fellows, and attending physicians working in a broad range of clinical settings, particularly anesthesiology, surgery, and critical care can find this book helpful.

Authors: Farrokh Habibzadeh, Mahboobeh Yadollahie, Parham Habibzadeh

Date: 2021-05-04

Upload Date: 4/12/2021 10:18:54 PM

Format: PDF

Pages: 150



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 9811605254


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