Smartphones and Tablets Repairs: Money Making Venture Skill .

Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs, the first edition in the series was a 364 page complete manual that introduced beginners into the technology of mobile devices and the practical skills necessary to fix all kinds of faults on mobile devices. This second edition, Smartphones and Tablets Repairs is an upgraded edition with new advanced information for both beginners and professionals in the field of technical repairs. This edition covered screen technologies and LCD or digitizer replacements, description of internal components and electronics, hardware and software repair procedures for smartphones and tablets, hardware and software repair tools information, troubleshooting, BGA soldering, flash programming, electronic circuit analysis and many more. The book also ends with a chapter of information on how to set up shop and efficiently manage a repair services support center. Discover the secrets of technical hardware repairs with this book! If there is any complete guide-book on computer repairs ever known, then this book is the complete guide-book for mobile smartphones and tablets repairs! If you are searching for a new means of livelihood or a side business (even online business) that is lucrative one whereby the only business CAPITAL required is this book and the skills it empowers you with in order to exchange personal services for money, then this book, perhaps combined with the foundational first edition is for you. It is a complete Do-It-Yourself Guide book. This book is for the unemployed, underemployed, students, entrepreneurs, retirees or just about anyone seeking for a good resource for practical learning towards self-reliance. In this century, the age of mobile communication and computing, or work-from-home trends especially with the pandemics, it is one of the hottest technical repair service business with great financial returns. Manufacturers of smartphone brands release new products every six months. There is no stopping this trend anytime soon. With the world's population estimated at 7.8 billion, Statista website released a statistics which reported that over 19 percent of the worlds total population owned a smart device in 2019, projecting that the figure is expected to increase to 37 percent by 2021. The opportunity to make money fixing smartphones and tablets is huge! Through the pages of this book, a reader would translate from a novice status, training to become proficient at fixing any mobile device, with a brighter and faster earning potential than most PC technicians. There is no expiry date for what is taught in the two editions of this book series. What this book teaches is practicable towards becoming also, a good PC technician.

Authors: Various

Date: 2019

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Language: English



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