Guitar Techniques: The Beatles music .

The Beatles made music that was highly contagious, affecting millions of people and undoubtedly inspiring many of them to pick up a guitar for the first time. John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney popularized electric and acoustic guitars to an extent that made the instrument practically irresistible.
Not only is this a stylistic analysis of the guitar licks and solos of the Beatles, but a deeper study of John, Paul and George's individual guitar concepts and techniques. A wonderful chronological sampling of early and later Beatles material is covered, complete with lessons and details on the Beatle who actually played the guitar parts. A must for anyone wanting an inside look at the Beatles songs.

This book presents a guided tour, designed to take the magic and mystery out of the many roles the guitar has played throughout the Beatles' career. The song excerpts are presented chronologically in order of release in the U.K.
Highlights are discussed in the text preceding each transcription. Every effort has been made to label who played which part, and measure numbers and minute/second indicators are used to pinpoint the starting and stopping points of each excerpt throughout. Though this music was recorded between 20 and 30 years ago, it maintains its freshness to date, and putting it under the microscope can help explain why. There's an embarrassment of riches presented in the following pages for both the novice and the professional. So, roll up! You've got an invitation!

Authors: Hakim El yamri, El yamri, Hakim

Date: 2019

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Language: English



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