The Best Method for Guitar Part 2: A Study of Melody, Scales, Arpeggios and Chords .

This book is a continuation of Part I. After mastering the basics from Part 1 , this intermediate-level book continues and builds upon the study of melody, scales, arpeggios and chords, covering the entire fingerboard. This volume also addresses: intervals, chord voicings, improvisation, rhythm-guitar techniques, play-along duets and more.Most of the terms and techniques are directly evolved from material presented there. For example, the entire fingerboard is covered at once in the five position C Major scale study. This is accomplished by connecting the four basic (types 1, 2, 3, 4) and one derivative (type 1A) fingering patterns that were, hopefully, mastered from the first book. (The sequence of fingering types will vary from position to position up the neck, depending upon the key. ) Study all material in sequence as I have tried to relate, as much as possible, all new techniques (physical and theoretical) to something already learned.

Authors: Hakim El yamri, El yamri, Hakim

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 12:58:46 PM

Format: pdf




Language: English



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