The Secrets of Rock Guitar: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even If You Don’t Know What A Scale Is (Guitar Scales Mastery) .

Break Through the Boxes and Get Soloing! Master Your Very First Guitar Secrets and Change the Course of Your Musical Journey!
Scales! The single most quoted technique of any successful musician! Yet many of us just can't make sense of these patterns!

What patterns should I learn? Do I just learn all the patterns? How do I make music out of these patterns? How do I connect these patterns? Do I need to learn the theory? Are the patterns useful? WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE SCALES?

While learning scales can be a creative breakthrough for any guitarist, all of us can agree that it can be a pain in all the wrong places! Yet we need to scale this monstrous mountain to experience the view on the other side. Is there a solution to this?

Let Me Help!
While I was not lucky enough to learn the scales without going through the frustration, I have created a method to remove the frustration and teach you to solo and create music in a step by step manner. With the right guidance, anyone, just ANYONE can learn guitar scales and become the guitarist of their dreams. But such guidance is hard to come by!

But you, my friend, have just struck gold! Your search ends here! Through this book, I intend to solve the problem every guitarist has to go through – mastering guitar scales!

A Quick Summary of What You'll Find Inside:
A good mix of theory and simplicity!

Playing techniques, solo and improvisation concepts, exercises, licks and jam tracks for: warm ups, pentatonic scales, bending and vibrato techniques, blues scales, string skipping, major scales, alternate picking, modes, economy picking (sweeping), arpeggios, two-hand tapping, minor scales, legato techniques, exotic scales, whammy bar, how to build a solo, improvisation.
Simplified theory on how scales are formed and how they work
Exercises to get you playing immediately
Tons of lick ideas to put the theory to practice

And a lot more..

Authors: Hakim El yamri, El yamri, Hakim

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 9:53:16 PM

Format: pdf




Language: English



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