Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: How to Survive in Business and Life .

Pretty Mess meets #Girlboss in this part memoir, part entrepreneurial manifesto from The Real Housewives of New Jerseys Powerhouse in Pigtails. Margaret Josephs is a hustler. Shes a tough cookie. She speaks her mind. She never leaves the house without lipstick on. Shes also a devoted wife, mother, daughter, businesswoman, lifestyle expert, and fan-favorite star of the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sounds pretty glamorous, right? Well, things are never exactly as they seem. Before she arrived where she is today, The Marge was born to young immigrant parents. Raised by a single party-girl mother who left her physically abusive father when she was one and a half, she was taught that it was more important to look good than to feel good. No structure. No rules. No blueprint for future success or stability. But like most people who struggle through atypical childhoods, destructive relationships, and career challenges, she forced herself to wake up every morning and put one high heel in front of the other, even if she didnt know where she was going. Margaret took the cards she was dealt and eventually turned them into a winning hand, and she wants to arm fans with the ability to do the same. In Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget, shell talk about how to launch a lifestyle brand, how to work with family members, and how to be an uncompromising woman in a mans world. She also spills stories from her personal life about the son Real Housewives viewers dont know exists, the time Joan Rivers gave her the best advice she ever got, the rendezvous she had with a famous rock star, and the affair with her contractor that ended her marriage but gave her the happily ever after. Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget takes readers along Margarets wild, bumpy journey to entrepreneurial success and reality TV fame, written in her trademark no-nonsense, tongue-in-cheek voice with the perfect combination of grit and glitz.

Authors: Margaret Josephs

Date: 2021-04-13

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 7:02:26 PM

Format: epub

Pages: 272



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 198217241X


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