Passing Through the Fire: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in the Civil War (Emerging Civil War Series) .

As the brigade he commanded attacked a Confederate battery on a hill outside Petersburg in July 1864, a bursting shell blew Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain from the saddle and wounded his horse. After the enemy battery skedaddled, the brigade took the hill and dug in, and up came supporting Union guns.

Chamberlain figured the days fighting ended. Then an unidentified senior officer ordered his brigade to charge and capture the heavily defended main Confederate line. Chamberlain protested the order, then complied, taking his men forwarduntil a bullet slammed through his groin and left him mortally wounded.

Miraculously surviving a nighttime battlefield surgery, he returned home to convalesce as a brigadier general following an impromptu deathbed promotion. Struggling with pain and multiple surgeries, Chamberlain debated leaving the army or returning to the fight.

His decision affected upcoming battles, his family, and the rest of his life.

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Authors: Brian F. Swartz

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 6/6/2022 10:09:31 AM

Format: epub

Pages: 192



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1611215617


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