Security Issues and Privacy Threats in Smart Ubiquitous Computing .

This book extends the work from introduction of ubiquitous computing, to the Internet of things to security and to privacy aspects of ubiquitous computing. The uniqueness of this book is the combination of important fields like the Internet of things and ubiquitous computing. It assumes that the readers goal is to achieve a complete understanding of IoT, smart computing, security issues, challenges and possible solutions. It is not oriented towards any specific use cases and security issues privacy threats in ubiquitous computing problems are discussed across various domains. This book is motivating to address privacy threats in new inventions for a wide range of stakeholders like layman to educated users, villages to metros and national to global levels. This book contains numerous examples, case studies, technical descriptions, scenarios, procedures, algorithms and protocols. The main endeavour of this book is threat analysis and activity modelling of attacks in order to give an actual view of the ubiquitous computing applications. The unique approach will help readers for a better understanding.

Authors: Parikshit N. Mahalle, Gitanjali R. Shinde, Nilanjan Dey, Aboul Ella Hassanien

Date: 2021-05-19

Upload Date: 4/12/2021 10:27:48 PM

Format: PDF

Pages: 246



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 9813349956


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