Europe and Empire: On the Political Forms of Globalization (Commonalities (FUP)) .

The European Union and the single currency have given Europe more stability than it has known in the past thousand years, yet Europe seems to be in perpetual crisis about its global role. The many European empires are now reduced to a multiplicity of ethnicities, traditions, and civilizations. Europe will never be One, but to survive as a union it will have to become a federation of islands both distinct and connected.

Though drawing on philosophers of Europes past, Cacciari calls not to resist Europes sunset but to embrace it. Europe will have to open up to the possibility that in few generations new exiles and an unpredictable cultural hybridism will again change all we know about the European legacy. Though scarcely alive in todays politics, the political unity of Europe is still a necessity, however impossible it seems to achieve.

"Europe and Empire is both timely and insightful. Politician, activist, philosopher and teacher, Massimo Cacciari explores both the hopes and possibilities of a nascent European Union as well as its current demise as a serious world power. What do the idea and reality of Europe hold for philosophy, politics and globalization? This is the central question of the essays of this volume. With great erudition, rich political insight and sharp critical analysis, Cacciari leads readers to a deeper understanding of the aspirations and failures of Europe, all from a deeply philosophical perspective: Europe in its 'evening light' must learn to see itself through the 'insufficiency' of its own self-definitions, a project similar to the negative theology of thinkers like Nicholas of Cusa. Cacciari calls us to think Europe as an unpolitical community." – Antonio Calcagno, King's University College, London, Canada

Authors: Massimo Cacciari

Date: 2016-01-04

Upload Date: 4/25/2017 11:58:39 PM

Format: PDF

Pages: 216



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0823267172

ISBN13: 9780823267170

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