"In his introduction to this most welcome republication (and second edition) of his logic text, Heil clarifies his aim in writing and revising this book: 'I believe that anyone unfamiliar with the subject who set out to learn formal logic could do so relying solely on [this] book. That, in any case, is what I set out to create in writing An Introduction to First-Order Logic.' Heil has certainly accomplished this with perhaps the most explanatorily thorough and pedagogically rich text Ive personally come across.
"Heil's text stands out as being remarkably careful in its presentation and illuminating in its explanationsespecially given its relatively short length when compared to the average logic textbook. It hits all of the necessary material that must be covered in an introductory deductive logic course, and then some. It also takes occasional excursions into side topics, successfully whetting the readers appetite for more advanced studies in logic.
"The book is clearly written by an expert who has put in the effort for his readers, bothering at every step to see the point and then explain it clearly to his readers. Heil has found some very clever, original ways to introduce, motivate, and otherwise teach this material. The author's own special expertise and perspectiveespecially when it comes to tying philosophy of mind, linguistics, and philosophy of language into the lessons of logicmake for a creative and fresh take on basic logic. With its unique presentation and illuminating explanations, this book comes about as close as a text can come to imitating the learning environment of an actual classroom. Indeed, working through its presentations carefully, the reader feels as though he or she has just attended an illuminating lecture on the relevant topics!"
Jonah Schupbach, University of Utah

Authors: John Heil

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 10/1/2021 3:57:51 AM

Format: pdf

Pages: 312



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1624669921


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