iPhone 13 Pro Max Cameras: A Simple Guide to Shooting Professional Photographs and Cinematic Videos on Your iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max .

Do you want to master the iPhone 13 Pro Max Cameras for Professional Photography and cinematic video shoots? Do you wish to Vlog on the iPhone 13 using cinematic features? If yes is your answer to this questions, then this book is specially written for you.
This book is written professionally with tips and insights that are important to take your photographic and video shooting skills to the next level. It doesnt matter whether you are a beginner or professional, what matters is that you use this guide to up your skill and achieve amazing results with photos and videos in no time.
This guide is not to take you through the features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max cameras, but rather to show you tips and tricks on how to take cinematic videos and photographs that no one will ever believe were taken by an iPhone 13 Pro Max camera.
Some of topics covered in this book include:
Advanced iPhone 13 Pro Maxs Camera controls
Shooting close to your subject
Blur the background using iPhone 13 Pro Maxs apps
How to blur the background of your image with the Snapseed app
How to blur the background using the Photoshop Express app
How to blur only some parts of an image on iPhone 13 Pro Max
Blur out part of a photo using the Photo Un.blur
How to blur out faces in your images with Blur Photo Effect Background
Getting the perfect brightness level for your iPhone 13 Pro Maxs camera
How to use Exposure setting to change the mood of a photo
Switch On HDR for Better Exposure in High Contrast Scenes
How to Change Shutter Speed On iPhone 13 Pro Max
Using a Slow Shutter Speed for Stunning Long Exposure Photos
How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos with the Camera+ 2 app
How to Shoot Long Exposure Photos Using Slow Shutter Cam
How to Use ISO to Capture Grain-Free Shots in Low Light
How to Change the ISO iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Setting
Balance Shutter Speed & ISO
How to Capture Perfect Colors In Your Photos
How To Change White Balance On iPhone 13 Cameras
Amazing tips for Insect Macro Photography
How to open and edit your image in the Snapseed app
How to use the tools on the Snapseed for iPhone app
Filters on Snapseed
The Photoshop Express
How to transform your images
How to correct red eye
How to remove blemishes on images
How to Auto-enhance your photos
How to Add a watermarks to images
How to correct lens issues
How to apply Blur effect to photos
How to send to Photoshop as PSD
How to use Photoshop Effects
How to control JPEG quality
Basic video editing in iPhone 13 Pro Max
How to record a Cinematic mode video
How to record a QuickTake video
How to record a slow-motion video
How to take a time-lapse video
Changing the cameras video recording settings on your device
How to use the quick toggles feature to change video frame rate and video resolution
Adjust Auto FPS settings
Terms used in Cinematic Video shoot
Camera Settings to achieve a warp speed effect
Image Stabilization in iPhone 13 Pro Max
Extending the camera capability for a breathtaking video experience
How to record audio in the FilMic Pro app
How to shoot Slow Motion video in the FilMic Pro app
How to get a shallow depth of field with the FilMic Pro app
How to set resolution in the FilMic Pro app
Best iPhone lenses for iPhone 13 Pro Max only
And Lots More
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Authors: Robert Metz

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/29/2021 11:27:14 AM

Format: 7z

Pages: 91



Language: English



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