Master Photo Aperture! (On Target Photo Training Book 4) Ed 2 .

Master Photo Aperture

Using the correct aperture is vital if you want to put the "WOW!" factor into your photography!

Sure, it controls the amount of light getting into the camera and is a key to proper exposure, but it is soooo much more! In fact, if you are creative at all, aperture will soon be your closest friend.

That is, it will be your friend IF you know all the creative options that the right aperture settings bring to the table – and how to manipulate them to get your creative vision out of your mind and into the camera.

For some reason, understanding aperture is one of the most difficult of photo concepts for many amateurs to "get." With this easy to read and easy to understand guide, you are literally minutes away from understanding aperture as well as – or better than – most professionals.

In a matter of hours your mastery of aperture settings will not only show in your photos… but people WILL notice!

Here is a bit of what is in this On Target Photo Training guide…

Introduction – Here we do a quick review of Volume 3 – Mastering Shutter Speed. Understanding shutter speed and aperture settings is truly the only difference between your photos and those of the best professional shooters!
The Aperture – In this and the next few chapters we break down apertures into easy to digest and understand pieces. You will NEVER be confused again!
Movement Or Static – Here we start understanding the creative options that are available to us and we'll discover how to manipulate the aperture settings to get them…
The Sweet Spot – Most lenses have a sweet spot when it comes to the aperture settings… learn how to get great photos without spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive lenses!
And more…And more…And more…

Sorry, but once you discover the creative magic in your aperture – all your friends are going to be bugging you to teach THEM how to get photos like YOURS!

Scroll up and grab YOUR copy of "Master Photo Aperture" RIGHT NOW!

Authors: Dan Eitreim

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/29/2021 4:21:31 AM

Format: epub

Pages: 87



Language: English



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