Analytic Methods for Design Practice .

In the competitive world of modern engineering, rigorous and definite design methodologies are needed. However, many parts of engineering design are performed in either an ad-hoc manner or based on the intuition of the engineer.
Analytic Methods for Design Practice is the first book to look at both stages of the design process conceptual design and detailed design and detail design methodologies for every step of the entire design process. The book introduces the following analytic design methodologies and explores their usefulness with many mathematical and practical examples:

Axiomatic design
Design of experiments
Robust design
Structural optimization
Dynamic response optimization and
Multidisciplinary optimization.
A chapter of the book is devoted to case studies showing how practical design problems can be solved with analytic design methods based on Professor Parks experiences of teaching design engineering over the past ten years.

Students who need an introduction to modern design theories and want to understand how they can be applied to a wide range of real engineering problems will find Analytic Methods for Design Practice an excellent introduction to the subject. The necessary mathematics is kept to a minimum and the books practical focus will make the book useful to practising engineers as a practical handbook of design.
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Authors: Gyung-Jin Park

Date: 2007

Upload Date: 9/28/2019 8:02:34 PM

Format: PDF

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Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1846284724


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