Quantum Physics for Beginners: A Self

Would You Like To Study Quantum Physics From Scratch But You Dont Know Where To Start?
Are You Looking For A Well-Written Book That Wont Bore You And Also Not Overwhelm You With Details?

Well, the future of your quantum physics knowledge could start right here!

I know you've recently begun studying quantum physics, with a naive enthusiasm, and you constantly come across stuff you can't seem to build an intuitive understanding of them.

Most probably, you dont know much beyond high school maths and you dont have the proper knowledge that could allow you to feel more comfortable with these subjects.

Its, therefore, no coincidence that the layman who approaches for the first time Quantum Physics, ends up demoralizing himself because he having to perform challenging equations and theories that can turn off the urge to know.

So finally, you end up thinking that youll never understand, it's too late, or you need to go back to school to learn isn't it?

Youre wrong!

What it takes who decide to start studying Quantum Physics from scratch is to turn complex theories into easy concepts, extrapolating key-ideas and explaining them in simple terms.

And this is precisely what youll find in my book, "Quantum Physics for Beginners", a guide for self-taught people who want to discover the mechanisms that make the world work without the fear of having to get lost among indecipherable mathematical formulas.

Among the key-concepts explained in this book, youll find:
Quantum Foundations: like everything else, well start from the basis on which the entire quantum physics develops, talking about things that really matter and that will allow you to better understand everything else, starting from Matter up to The Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle
How To Create Your Personal Quantum Physics Background: although this book was created to provide you with the basic concepts explained simply, I decided to give you some advice on how to create your own personal preparation if you want to improve your mathematical and probability knowledge later
Quantum Theories: Well focus on the most important theories developed in quantum physics, those that have become the basis of this subject over time. My goal will be to make sure that youll able to explain in a simple way, theories like The Six Postulates of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory and the Hilbert Space, so that even a 6-year-old child can understand
Quantum Phenomena: in this part of the book, well talk about the most famous phenomena performed throughout history, such as Entanglement, Quantum Tunneling, and Quantum Spin
Quantum Information and Technology: Ill also update you on which are the latest discoveries in technology and computer science, referring especially to what concerns Quantum Computing and Simulation and Quantum Teleportation
and this is just the beginning

ALERT! I have bad news for you. The truth is that you cant learn quantum physics by reading a few pages of a book, especially with those on amazon (even Best Seller) that confuse theories with phenomena…

unless you have a book that not only gives you the key-ideas to learn but that is also structured as a Road-Map that allows you to orient yourself and never get lost among the various topics explained, giving you a mental organization to picture how everything is amazingly connected, just like this one!

Open The Doors Of The Quantum Physics World By Ordering Your Copy Today!

Authors: Otto Wehner

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/29/2021 11:30:04 AM

Format: 7z

Pages: 124



Language: English



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