The Political Economy of Uneven Rural Development: Case of the Nonfarm Sector in Kerala, India .

The book shows how class relations develop and is a consequence of capitalist development of the rural non-agricultural/non-farm sector (RNFS)—seen as the dialectical relation between the forces and relations of production—as mediated by the state, which produces uneven social and spatial outcomes. Central to the framework for this book are four inter-related conceptual building blocks or themes: social relations of production, productive forces, role of the state and concrete development outcomes of capitalist production in RNFS in the context of class and non-class relations of oppressions. These four conceptual themes follow a logical sequence where each concept evolve in specific contexts within the RNFS while connected to each other in a dialectical manner and come together to form the central argument of the book.

Authors: Sudarshana Bordoloi

Date: 2020-08-22

Upload Date: 7/13/2020 11:25:08 AM

Format: pdf

Pages: 308



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 9811545022


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