Beginning HCL Programming: Using Hashicorp Language for Automation and Configuration .

Get started with programming and using the Hashicorp Language (HCL). This book introduces you to the HCL syntax and its ecosystem then it shows you how to integrate it as part of an overall DevOps approach. Next, youll learn how to implement infrastructure as code, specifically, using the Terraform template, a set of cloud infrastructure automation tools. As part of this discussion, youll cover Consul, a service mesh solution providing a full-featured control plane with service discovery, configuration, and segmentation functionality. Youll integrate these with Vault to build HCL-based infrastructure as code solutions. Finally, youll use Jenkins and HCL to provision and maintain the infrastructure as code system. After reading and using Beginning HCL Programming, you'll have the know-how and source code to get started with flexible HCL for all your cloud and DevOps needs. What You Will Learn Get started with programming and using HCL Use Vault, Consul, and Terraform Apply HCL to infrastructure as code Define the Terraform template with HCL Configure Consul using HCL Use HCL to configure Vault Provision and maintain infrastructure as code using Jenkins and HCL Who This Book Is For Anyone new to HCL but who does have at least some prior programming experience as well as knowledge of DevOps in general.

Authors: Pierluigi Riti, David Flynn

Date: 2021-04-24

Upload Date: 4/12/2021 10:48:00 PM

Format: PDF




Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1484266331


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