Dark Psychology (2 Books in 1) .

Book 1: Dark Psychology Secrets: The Defense Guide Against Covert Emotional Manipulation: Outsmart, Disarm and Survive The Toxic Abuser in Your Life & Reclaim Power Over Your Own Emotions
You are not going crazy. Your memory is not failing you. And youre definitely not imagining things You're just a victim of a skilled manipulator.
Discover how manipulators take control over your life and how to turn things around (without losing your sanity)
Identify the behaviors most commonly linked with social string-pulling
Why toxic people NEED you to doubt yourself
Potential weaknesses in your character that set you up for psychological manipulation (and what to do about it)
Learn how to untangle yourself from the web of manipulation and set strong boundaries
Classic warning signs of emotional exploitation – and how to protect yourself.
Learn how to stand your guard against further mental and emotional damage
Toxic people will find any excuse to make you feel guilty, ashamed and worthless so that they can manipulate and control you.

End pathological mind games and regain the self-confidence that the manipulator has stripped you of!

Book 2: How To Analyze People: The Revealing Power of Facial Expressions: Read People Accurately and Spot any Subtle Social Cues, Hidden Emotions or even Potential Deception via Nonverbal Behavior

People give us more information than they realize. Learn to decipher all of it to further your goals.

Instantly speed read people's behavior through proven psychological techniques
Discover how to read anyones face and reveal the underlying truth in whatever they tell you
Detect hidden emotions, adapt your message, and communicate in a way that yields maximum results possible!
PLUS, YOU'LL RECEIVE an additional bonus resource that will help you determine if youre in a relationship with an emotional predator!

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Authors: John C. Davis

Date: 2020

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