Saints, Sinners, and the God of the World (Numen Book Series: Studies in the History of Religions) .

The Hartford Sermon Notebook is a compact, bound series of notes taken during sermons delivered by a variety of different ministers in Hartford, Connecticut during the years 1679 and 1680. Figure 7 is an illustration of the notebook ’s actual size. The notebook’s authorship is unknown, but whoever took the notes did a meticulous job, and the sermons contained in the notebook are nearly all complete. Initially, my interest in transcribing the notebook was motivated by its antiquity, since the colony of Connecticut was only fifty years old when the notebook was created. However, as I worked with the notebook, its value as an untapped primary source for Connecticut’s earliest history quickly revealed itself, and I knew it had to be transcribed.

Authors: Andrew Phillips Mallory

Date: 2011-02-07

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Pages: 340



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 9004192425

ISBN13: 9789004192423

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