Becoming Unstuck: The Essential Guide to Always Know the Next Step for You .

Know your next step right now, no matter where you are!
You tried googling your way to better health and relationships. Youre not sure how to pay off your debts. When you ask your friends and family for advice on what to do next, nothing resonates with you. You wish there were a way to always know the next step and move forward, but you just feel stuck. Theres so much information out there, yet youre not sure what to do or if its right for you. Youre not sure what you want your life to be, but mediocre isnt it.
Anthony Santillanes, a certified coach, speaker, and trainer, will take you through each area of your life and, with a concise, practical approach, show you the mindsets and practices you need to keep moving forward. Anthony coached individuals and teams from entry to executive levels in small businesses and large publicly traded corporations to realize significant improvements in their outcomes. In Becoming Unstuck, you will learn to:
-Take the next step to get control of your health-Make simple changes to grow your finances-Know what it takes to have the career of your dreams-Become the captain of your relationships-Master your mind to maximize your lifes outcomesA blend of Girl, Wash Your Face and Awaken the Giant Within, Anthony takes what hes used to his own life and presents it in an easy-to-apply formula. Dont waste another moment feeling stuck!

Authors: Santillanes, Anthony

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/15/2021 5:20:01 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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