Building daily habits for happiness and success.: The most effective way to improve your life .

This book presents and expounds upon 15 of the most common habits practiced by successful and happy people regardless of when they lived, which country they are from,their gender or social status. No doubt, you are already familiar with many of these habits and perhaps you already practice a few of them. But to truly transform your life, you must be prepared to do more, to make the pursuit of your happiness and success an all consuming passion, which brings about changes in every aspect of your life. In essence, what you are aiming to create is a whole new mind-set, and intrinsic motivation that is an inextricable part of your personality.

Authors: Anthony Scott

Date: 2016-05-18

Upload Date: 4/26/2017 12:05:30 PM

Format: epub

Pages: 37



Language: English



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