Complete the Famous Quote: Your Daily Dose of Inspiration, Motivation, and 500 Challenging Puzzles (Wise Words Season 2) .

Wise people have, for thousands of years, been able to say wise things using the minimum of words. We look at the aphorisms they left behind, and wish that we were as wise.This book will see if you can guess some of the most pithy, witty sayings of all time, given only half of the letters in each quote, and their relative placement. Hints are plentiful, and you will see that reconstructing a few words in each quote helps you get closer to guessing the entire sentence. Have fun, and may you leave behind sayings just as witty as these, one day!If you're stuck at home or on a long commute, this is idealIf you want to take your mind off tedium, a book of word puzzles is the best way to go!A unique book of puzzlesMany motivational books lay out their content in front of you, and ask you to go through a lot of well meaning, inspiring words and quotes. At the end of that, you feel virtuous and determined, but it doesnt always last, because you havent had to work to discover the source of the wisdom, and you havent put in the time to reflect on the lessons learned from those wise words.This book is different. Yes, it is packed to the brim with clever sayings and witty words, but you arent given those up front. Instead, you have to use your word gaming skill to guess what each quote could be, and this delayed gratification will help you take those words to heart, and to remember them longer than you otherwise might have. As you while away idle hours, youre also filling up your motivation gas tank!Quotes that will change your lifeThe sayings in this book are chosen from among the most witty and thoughtful quotations of all time. You will find quotes for leaders, quotes about living, quotes about women, quotes about men, quotes about animals…the list goes on. Whether you want to use this as a puzzle book and actually try guessing each quote, or just want to read through the answers (the completed quotations) and marvel at the ability of philosophers of the past and of the modern day to say complicated things in a single sentence, this book has something for you!Puzzles and games for adults and childrenIf you do want to exercise your grey cells, this book will give you plenty of opportunities. Any given clue can be solved at different levels: you might already know the quote on which that particular clue is based, in which case the solution is trivial. You might not know the quote, but you can use your vocabulary to figure out each individual word from the fragments that are given to you, and thereby complete the quote piece by piece. Finally, you might just use pattern recognition skills to solve a couple of words in the entire sentence, and then complete it based on what your brain thinks the quotation should be.Difficult riddles and graded difficultyIn general, within a given chapter, the difficulty of the clues you have to solve increases gently from the first to the last clue. Also, over the entire book, the clues get a little shorter (shorter sentences are harder to decipher), and the words get a little harder to guess. If you make it all the way to the end, you are a genius.

Authors: Vaibhav Devanathan

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 9:45:03 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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