Feel Good Being You: Overcome Your Roadblocks to Deep, Lasting Change .


Deep down, under all your efforts to live a rich and satisfying life, you just dont feel happy. True or false?

Youve tried everything out there to get rid of your painful patterns and feel better, but none of those things have worked for long, if it all. Yes or no?

Well, its not your fault! Feeling good is possible and experiencing ease is within reach. In this book, Quanta Change Executive Director Sara Avery shares the process derived through decades of research in neuroscience and physics that has brought deep and lasting transformation to her clients around the world.

With the guided Quanta Change Process, you can:
– End your struggle to find lasting change
– Improve your relationships, work life, and health
– Uncover and fulfill your lifes unique purpose
– Feel good just being yourself!

In these pages, youll find a gateway back to the natural state of well- being you had when you entered the world walk through it and return to your true self.

Quanta Change is the first technique Ive used that has provided lasting, positive results. After six months, not only am I seeing positive results, I continue to improve. My emotional hills and valleys are evening out, which means I have more energy to accomplish what I want and overcome issues that were overwhelming me half a year ago. So glad I discovered it. Betty

Quanta Change helped me work through my patterns of taking on responsibility for others' behaviors, to the point of even apologizing for it or trying to fix other people's actions. Sara helped me deconstruct and change these patterns. Its an enlightening and empowering process. Saras work is a guiding light to lead you through and emerge on the other side happier and more peaceful, with feelings of competence and well-being. Ann Marie

Sara Avery with the tool of Quanta Change made a lasting, positive impact on my life. The process gave me a broader way to understand myself, my challenges, and my habits. Quanta Change quiets the pain and fear inherent in the human condition and taps into the sense of wellness and confidence to address life without overwhelming or paralyzing anxiety. Carmen

Many close personal and work relationships were difficult and felt like I was always living in a world of chaos. Today, I feel much calmer and these relationships flow much easier than ever beforethe difference is amazing! Saras knowledge and guidance have made all the difference and Im so grateful for finding this process. I highly recommend Quanta Change and honestly cant wait to see what else I learn on this journey of relying on my well-being. Suzanne

Since finding this work and taking it seriously, I have seen generational chains of depression and misery fall away from my lifeno exaggeration. I am deeply grateful for Mimi Herrmann and Sara Avery's grounded research and dedication to helping humanity rise from its individual (and therefore collective) Learned Distress. This book is a clear and easy explanation for how what seemed impossible became reality for me. Ellie

I have struggled since childhood relating to others and had topped out with traditional therapy when I began my Quanta Change journey with Sara. Quanta Change has helped me to understand my feelings with more clarity and has allowed me to feel comfortable in personal relationships that I had previously struggled with. Renee

Authors: Avery, Sara

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 5:31:41 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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