Mentoring Across Generations: Partnerships for Positive Youth Development (Prevention in Practice Library) .

Currently, blame for the difficulties facing youth is too often laid on one particular segment of the community – whether parents, school personnel or the children themselves. However, the problems of today's young people are problems for all generations.
In response, the past decade has seen unparalleled proliferation of planned mentoring initiatives. Across Ages, the multi-faceted and multigenerational intervention described in this volume, uses older adult volunteers as mentors for young people. By acting as advocates, challengers, nurturers, role models and friends, older mentors help children develop the awareness, self-confidence, and skills they need to overcome overwhelming obstacles.
Across Ages is cost-effective and feasible even where resources are fairly limited. Although designed as a school-based model, this program can easily be adopted to other settings. Each of the four major program components – mentoring, community service, `life skills' instruction, and family support – is described in step-by-step detail.

Authors: Andrea S. Taylor

Date: 2012

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 2:11:52 PM

Format: pdf

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Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0306464128


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