The Empaths Survival Guide: The Complete Strategies for Highly Sensitive People: How to Learn to Manage Your Emotions, Overcome Anxiety and Fears, Learn Protection Techniques from Energy Vampires .

Do you think you are a highly sensitive person?

Sometimes you can't manage certain emotions in public, appearing clumsy?

if you want to understand how to exploit this great gift of empathy in your favor by learning to manage difficult situations by eliminating nervousness anxieties and fears of being judged, or you simply want to add important skills to your intellectual baggage, this is the book that every empath needs!

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Empaths often find themselves struggling with their strong emotions for many years without any explanation as to why they are so. If you have found yourself overwhelmed by your emotions, uncertain about how to manage the pressure, we finally have the solution for you.

There is a reason why you feel strongly connected to the people around you, and there is a reason why you feel that their emotions are connected to yours. The short answer is that you are connected with the people around you. The empaths gather the things that people around them feel and experience those emotions as their own.

This is the book you need for answers about:

-Why the emotions of the people around you so deeply affect the way you feel and how to concentrate on using this ability to your advantage in life.
-How to stop the toxic energies of the people around you from affecting you so profoundly that your whole life is interrupted.
-Scientifically proven methods you can use to take control of your life and to safeguard your very many abilities as an empath.
-The numerous traits of an empath, how to identify them, what to do with them, how to use them to your advantage in life, and how to get ahead of the pitfalls that can trip up an empath.
-How to raise a child who has these unique abilities and how to help them cope and grow up healthy and happy!

This book will give you the tools you need to use your unique gifts as an empath to their fullest.
The abilities that you have can unlock many doors to success, to understanding the people around you, and to understand yourself.
Get the tools that will help you to use your abilities to your advantage in life. The proven techniques in this book are geared toward showing the empath that many of the things they thought were simply strange about themselves are usable abilities. These abilities are your key to a happy, successful life.
Read the book that will show you how to understand your abilities as an empath, to understand how you are affected by the people around you, and how you are affected by your environment. Most importantly, this book will show you how to use those things to your advantage in life.

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Authors: Cooper, Daniel Travis

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/12/2021 7:57:52 PM

Format: epub




Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1914018109


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