Unblocked: A Revolutionary Approach to Tapping Into Your Chakra Empowerment Energy to Reclaim Your Passion, Joy, and Confidence .

"Many of us carry around unhealed pain and grief from the big and small traumas we've experienced over the years. Unless we heal those wounds, we will never truly feel empowered, and the easiest, fastest, most effective way to do that is to free up blocked chakra energy. Unblocked takes readers through 12 distinct healing processes (3 for each of four lower chakras-root, sacral, solar plexus, heart-which Margaret calls the foundational or "empowerment" chakras) and includes dozens of effective, proprietary, and sought-after scripts she developed based on the data she's collected over more than a decade of work with thousands of clients. Harvard-trained psychoanalyst Dr. David Raniere shares a medical perspective as well as provides commentary and exercises to help integrate the healing experience. By working with these chakras and the energy blocks that affect them, you will clear away self-doubt and inaction and experience joy, courage, and passion at a level you never thought possible"

Authors: Margaret Lynch Raniere, David Raniere

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 4/15/2021 5:11:19 AM

Format: epub

Pages: 304



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1401961444


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