World’s Toughest Anagrams: 300 Anagram Puzzles that your Brain will Love to Solve (Anagram Fun Season 2) .

This book helps you build essential word game skills. At the end of the gauntlet we have for you, you would have made significant strides towards mastery of Scrabble. In each puzzle, you will need to find multiple words that are contained within a larger word.This book will help you improve your vocabulary, your pattern recognition skills, and your creativity. Have fun!*Word Games for Days*Think of this book like an onion. On the surface layer, you have a few puzzles that you can solve fairly quickly. Even in the initial chapters, though, there will always be that one pesky word that you just can't guess. And as you go deeper down the rabbit hole, you will need a diary just to write all your guesses in, and make sure that you have found every single word of a given length. If this was an app, it would get a five star rating for replay value. And then you'd take off one star for occasional extreme frustration, when you just can't guess what you need to.*Word Puzzles to solve at any time*Each puzzle in this book has a simple problem statement, succinctly stated in one or two lines. This means that, once you're working on a given puzzle inside a particular chapter, you can go out, take a break, travel, eat, and still have the clue in your mind. You don't even need this book with you when you're trying to solve the puzzle you just need it when it's time to check the answers. Complete portability!*Vocabulary builder for adults and children*There is no real age limit on those who read this book. All you need is time, curiosity, and either a strong English vocabulary or a nice thick dictionary (or Google, given that we live in the 21st century). You will be able to exercise your current word gaming skills, and you are also guaranteed to learn many new words (at least 20% of the words in our list are rare Scrabble dictionary words that are not in common English use). All in all, you will be both educated and entertained.*Scrabble game and strategy builder*Scrabble is the most popular board game involving words and wordplay and vocabulary in English. Most people get better at Scrabble by playing games of Scrabble, but this book offers an alternative method to getting better at the tiles and Double Words. All you need is to read through this book steadily and slowly. The first few chapters offer simpler puzzles, where you have to find a few words that can be made from a given set of letters (just like you would need to, given a Scrabble rack in real life). This book, however, ramps up steadily in difficulty. By the time you get to the final few chapters, you will be solving giant lists of word puzzles, and the ability to make sure you do not miss a single word of a given length, however obscure, and even if it comes at the end of a really long list of words, will help you do better in the real Scrabble world, where spotting that cleverly placed Bingo could net you 50 extra points and bragging rights for a long time (and the envy of your friends).*Mental Agility Pastime*Keep your mind sharp and alert at any age with these word game exercises. All you need is time, this book, and possibly some pen and paper. Keeping the cobwebs from your brain has never been so easy, nor has it ever been so fun!

Authors: Vaibhav Devanathan

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 10:24:41 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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