The Sexual Logics of Neoliberalism in Britain (Social Justice) .

This book explores the relationship between sexuality and politics in Britains recent political past, in the decade preceding the Covid-19 pandemic, and asks what sexual meanings and logics are embedded in the dominant political discourses and policies of this time.
A discursive framing of exceptionality has commonly attached to the politics of austerity, crisis and neoliberalisation that have characterised the 2010s in Britain, with many noting the depoliticising effects of such a crisis politics. The books four case studies each investigate a binary concept that has played a key role in these limited and limiting discourses: the stable family/troubled family deserving/undeserving public/private and material/cultural. Deploying an expansive notion of sexuality, these binaries are examined by analysing a range of cultural and political texts in which they are reproduced, from policy and legal documents to popular films and TV series.
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Date: 2021

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Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 103202934X


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