Kung Fu Training for Real Violence .

Kung Fu & Martial Arts for Effective Self-Protection against real violence is what this book will teach you.This book teaches The Golden Dragon Martial Arts – a new martial art system.Learn about the principles of combat! Learn New deadly techniques!This book contains proven steps and strategies on Self-Protection.Learn how the human brain works and the effects of adrenaline.Learn how to control your mindset in a violent attack!Learn about the principles of the warrior mindset in combat!Learn the real skills and experience of street fighting, New Self Defense Techniques,Devastating Combinations, Grab defenses, Push defense, Punch defenses, Kick defense, Throws, Punching, Hand Strikes, Kicks, Kung Fu Strikes, and much more… CONTENTSChapter #1 REAL VIOLENCEChapter #2 THE ADRENALINE DUMPChapter #3 CONTROLLING YOUR STATEChapter #4 PRE-FIGHT INDICATORS Chapter #5 THE NEUTRAL READY STANCE Chapter #6 Basic Punches Chapter #7 Basic KicksChapter #8 DEFENSES FOR STREET FIGHTING Chapter #9 POISON HAND TECHNIQUESChapter #10 About the AuthorDarin Martineau has trained with many world class Grand Masters and Masters in many Martial Arts Styles!

Authors: Martineau, Darin

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 3:25:40 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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