Zen and the Art of Winning Lawn Bowls .

Zen is an ancient form of relaxation and mental control which is perfectly aligned with the requirements and game of lawn bowls.

The game of Bowls (and many other games) lays mainly in the mind. Control of the mind means control of the game.

To play bowls according to Zen you should let go of your fears and let your best happen.

Zen is only just a word. What Zen gives you is composure and control.

Zen is a word created by ancient Japanese Buddhist thinkers who discovered that if you put your mind in this special neutral state, extraordinary things are possible with your mind working for you and not against.

It is not difficult, in fact some would say it is the simplest thing to ignore distractions and perform to the very best of our ability and reach heights we never dreamed of with our conscious mind.

Zen is becoming extraordinary by being nothing special and letting the simple actions of the game come together. Zen offers the extraordinary opportunity to manifest your true ability. It can set you free from the fear of failure.

Zen can allow you to easily surpass your previous physically accepted limits.

We, all too easily, let our ego and fears, obscure our ability. A great Zen master once said. The ego is like an empty cloud which obscures reality.

Zen gives you clarity, and allows you to witness things as they really are. That means not how you think they are but how they really are.

This book will introduce a player to Zen philosophies in such a way that they will uncover their immense untapped potential in yourself. This book is for anyone who wishes to take their game to the next level simply by controlling their mind and their game instead of letting it control you.

Along the way you will discover how to align yourself to the universal energy in which we all operate and you will find out how to conquer your fears and worries which are stopping you from performing at your very best.

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Authors: Chris Cook

Date: December 18th, 2018

Upload Date: 9/28/2019 4:30:04 PM

Format: EPUB

Pages: 42



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0463671562


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